Representing You

I am honored to represent District 2 on the Novato City Council.

Values and Family

Born in Marin County, I moved to Novato in 2007, working with the small business community, and helping with their payroll needs. I fell in love with the town, its people, and its beautiful landscape. I married Colm, an Irish immigrant, at Stonetree Golf Course in Novato, and we decided this was where we wanted to raise our family. We have two children, Ethan and Amelia, a dog, Trixie, and a cat, Tina. 

My father worked four jobs to provide for his family. He was a San Francisco Firefighter, electrician, and neighborhood emergency response team (NERT) teacher and played keyboard and accordion at weddings. My mother cared for my siblings and me. She is my biggest supporter. My parents' dedication to our family, strong ethics, and instilled values of hard work, determination, and making sacrifices for the greater good set me on my path of public service.  I will bring this strong work ethic to the city council to make positive and productive changes.

Public service has been a family-held value for many generations. My grandmother was a teacher, one grandfather was a mounted police officer, and the other was a union plumber. They all stood as examples of good citizenship. My father and brother are firefighters, and my mother and sister dedicate their time to wildlife conservation and animal rescue.

My family: husband Colm Keenan, son Ethan, daughter Amelia, dog Trixie. Not shown: our cat Tina.
The Farac family: father Stephen, mother Sue, Rachel, brother Nick, sister Stephanie Farac-Wheelock.
My brother, Nick Farac, and I wearing our father's firefighting gear. Nick became a firefighter.

Volunteer Service

In 2020, I was appointed to the Planning Commission, where I asked probing questions, was elected Chair, and supported the environment. The Board of Supervisors appointed me to the Mental Health Board, where I have served six years, two and a half, as Chair. I authored a resolution that passed with a 5-0 vote and advocated for converting the mental health board to a behavioral health board that would help individuals with co-occurring disorders. I have developed a reputation for getting things done in government, and people like working with me.

I care about Novato and have demonstrated this through volunteering in my community. I am a member of Soroptimists, an organization empowering women by offering scholarships for Novato students. I served on Novato's 4th of July organizing committee and currently serve on the State Public Affairs Committee for the Junior League of Sonoma, creating relationships with state legislators, conducting bill analysis, and making recommendations on which State bills the 10,000 members should support. 

I have worked fighting Climate Change in Washington DC and worked with a group of residents who successfully engaged the Novato City Council for approval of the Climate Emergency Resolution.  

Professional Career

As a partner (currently not active) at Pristine Builders Group, a residential construction company, I used the knowledge acquired by earning a real estate license to make recommendations on design in the pre-construction phase. By applying my project management and finance skills, we have had double-digit growth yearly.

Currently, I work with Michael Baker International, a government consulting company, and help lead 1/3 of the nation’s projects for the Community Engagement and Risk Communications contract with FEMA (flooding).


With a Master's degree in Public Administration with a focus on Economic Development, I have the education, experience, and knowledge to make solid decisions for Novato's future. My graduate degree focused on Public Sector Financing and Economic Development, which is instrumental in effective government, and on examining local governments' challenges and finding solutions. I conducted extensive research, utilizing qualitative and quantitative analysis, and applied policies that were successful in other jurisdictions.

Representing You

My sincerest thanks to the voters in Novato District 2 for their trust in me. I look forward to working every day on your behalf. Please contact me any time. I care about Novato and want to positively impact generations to come.

I have served on commissions and committees, some as Chair, for Marin County and the City of Novato.