I am proud to be endorsed by Marin Supervisors, Mayors, Commissioners, Council Members, and many others. Here I am with Supervisors Dennis Rodoni and Judy Arnold in the Supervisors' chamber.


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Marin Public Officials

Marin County Supervisors

Judy Arnold  Marin County Supervisor

Katie Rice  Marin County Supervisor

Dennis Rodoni  Marin County Supervisor


Marin County Commissioners & Board Members

Magali Limeta  Marin Women's Commission

David Ruth  Vice Chair, Marin County Mental Health Board Member

Everett Brandon  Marin County Mental Health Board and Civil Rights Activist

Stephen Marks  Marin County Mental Health Board

Maya Gladstern  Marin County Mental Health Board

Nicole Gardner  Marin County Races and Equity Committee

Ruby Gibney  Chair, Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Board

Steve Farac  Chair, Marinwood Fire Commission

Crystal Martinez  Former Marin Women's Commission

Suzanne Brown Crow  Trustee, College of Marin Member

Susan Bolle  Elected Assembly Delegate to CADEM, AD12

Rick Fraites  Vice President, Board of Directors, North Marin Water Board

City Council & Town Council Members

Melissa Blaustein  Vice Mayor of Sausalito

Max Perrey  Mill Valley City Council Member

Alexis Fineman  Mayor of San Anselmo

Chance Cutrano  Vice Mayor of Fairfax, Past Treasurer Ballot Measure for Novato's Urban Growth Boundary

Eli Hill  San Rafael City Council Member

Eli Beckman  Corte Madera Town Council Member

Brian Colbert  San Anselmo Council Member

Victoria Fleming  Santa Rosa City Council Member


Novato City Council & Commissioners

Carole Dillon-Knutson  Novato Sanitary Board, Former Novato Mayor

Susan Stompe  Former Novato City Council Member and Mayor

Amy Peele  Former Novato City Council Member

Peter Tiernan  Chair, Novato Planning Commission

Lia Heath  Vice Chair, Novato Planning Commission

Dan Dawson  Novato Planning Commission

Sophia Osotio   Chair, Novato Multicultural Advisory Commission

Nicole Gardner   Novato Multicultural Advisory Commission

Nicole Tai  Chair, Novato Sustainability Commission

Erin Lacey  Commissioner, Novato Park, Recreation, and Community Services

Community Leaders, Friends, and Neighbors

Patricia Ravitz  Former President Sustainable Novato

Barbara Clifton Zarate  Climate Advocate

Kathy Nickel  Novato Citizen of the Year 2015

Dan Maher  Owner, Sustainable Exchanges

Lily Cohen  Member, 350 Marin

Silke Valentine  Member, 350 Marin

Mark Dale  Founder of Families for Safer Schools

Lynn Wasley

Shelley Norris Alvarez

Brian Woodson

Jackie McNeil, DPT

Sherri Jacobs

Vicki Campbell

Sharon Brown

Laurel Druke

Zoey Skehan 

Jake Boyle

Dorothy Laurila

Anssi Laurila

Mari Avendo

Madelienne Peters

Grace Barisonek

Yvonne Goodrich

Susan Levine

Zach Griggy

Ingrid Ojeda

Linda Brosh

Amy Strand

Alani MacKenzie

Emily Rivers

Garen Kazanjian

John Wheelock

Monica Bock Autar

Elayne Miller

Sunny Magner

Kathy Gondola

Christina Reed

Spencer Reed

Barbara Hurwick

Lisa Zahorenko

Jason Zahorenko

Pam Ledonne

Shaun Cooper

Andrew Radin

Samantha Tradelius

Regina Bianucci Rus

Cris Jones

Marisa Alvarez

Nira Manville

Emily Larsen

Patrice Stancato

Jesse Alvarez

David Fiol

Stacey Pogorzelski

Lauren Vreeland-Long

Sam Shooley

Susannah Nation